Mike Hendley - Artist Podcaster Writer

Mike Hendley is a self-taught artist based in Ottawa. He didn’t start his art journey until he was 40 when he did his first graphite piece. He has been working with graphite ever since and more recently, watercolor and ink as well as digital on the iPad Pro. He loves creating, whether it be programming, design, art or writing. Mike is host of the Drawing Inspiration podcast and also serves as Artist Brand Ambassador for Pentel Canada.

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Recent Art Blog Posts

Mike posts to his Instagram as well as on here on a regular basis. He showcases completed pieces, works in progress, new tools and techniques. Here are few of his recent posts.

Drawing Inspiration Podcast

Since 2019, The Drawing Inspiration Podcast looks beyond the pencils, the brushes, the sketchbooks and the iPads to discover what it means to be an artist. Join Mike as he speaks to other creatives about their journey as well as reflecting on my own artwork and experiences.

See below for a few the most recent episodes. Find “Drawing Inspiration” and follow wherever you listen to podcasts.