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14 years of drawing

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My first drawing 14 years ago vs the piece I am working on right now. Practice, practice, practice. There are about 60 drawings between them (31 for Inktober 2018 alone). So thankful that I have a wife and family that allow me to follow my passion. Hope to do 60 this year. 🎨

Friday 15th of March 2019

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An emotional visit to the Canadian War Museum today. So many stories, so many lives. My wife’s grandfather fought in the war (and survived) and my oldest daughter has quite a bit of knowledge of all the major battles. If you are in Ottawa at some point, make a point to visit.


Drawing update and my tools

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I finally had a chance to spend some more time on this chickadee. Still working away on the bark. I am playing with the idea of a background on the left. I think it may make the chickadee pop. I have included a pic of my tools. Yes, I use a wide range of pencils in hardness as well as size. I prefer mechanical pencils these days because the pencil balance remains the same regardless of lead length. You will also see blue tack for gently lifting off graphite as well as my tombow eraser and stumps for blending. 🎨


Local artists meetup

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I decided to head to a local artist meetup today at the Ottawa Art Gallery to draw and hang out with other artists. I had a chance to chat with a couple artists working on a variety of wonderful projects. I got a bit more done on the chickadee but the light wasn’t great (that’s me in the middle). Decided to start up a new digital butterfly pic. Probably 1-2 hours left on the butterfly. The tree bark being most of the time. 🎨


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