Printing passion

I was so happy to receive these prints today. The dog and the butterfly are from my original graphite drawings. They were scanned, touched up and printed on a special textured paper with archival ink providing true high quality prints. I am most excited to see the owl print. This only existed in digital format as I had drawn it using Procreate on the iPad. It looks brilliant! I could have gone so much large than 9” by 12”. Thanks to Shoebox Studios in Ottawa.


Quick draw eagle

So, here is a quick timelapse of the eagle. I started thinking I would go abstract with the Nikko Rull brush but then decided a sketch with the HB brush and then soft and medium airbrush with a bit of the long fur brush. Total was 6 layers with sketch on the bottom and the eye highlights on the top. I always separate the highlight and shadows as layers from the main content. 🎨


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