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iPad Drawing Series #1: Butterflies

I spent the last couple of months working on what ended up becoming this butterfly series. This accidental butterfly series started as an exploration of different brushes and techniques resulted in this journey of nature, colour and texture. All the images were drawn on the 2018 Apple iPad Pro 12.9 using the Apple Pencil (2nd generation) and the Procreate app. Some images took 30 mins and others over 2 hours. As with most drawings of this kind, it is not the animal but the environmental details that take the most time.

All the drawings are based on photos I have taken. When drawing these kinds of images I tend to have the iPad in split screen mode which helps in proportion, colour and detail.

My typical iPad drawing set-up

Thanks to everyone who followed along. I am looking forward the next series which may end up being graphite 🙂

Click on any image below to take a closer look and the video at the bottom of the page for the time-lapse videos.

In the video below I have compiled all the time lapse videos for all the images if you want a quick look at process.