This shihpoo is now complete. Took way longer than plannned. I also worked off an Instagram pic which didn’t have the detail I needed. I learnt way more about fur, created a few brushes and purchased a couple along the way. Very good experience. Now onto my next piece. read more

‪Installed Paperlike screen protector on my iPad Pro 12.9 2018. Resistance when drawing and does reduce fingerprints. But when drawing on a white canvas, the textured rainbow effect is annoying. I will give it a day or two. ‬

I am back in college after 30 years. This time it’s to sponsor 2 projects for the final term for 12 students (2 teams). Excited to have met them for the first time tonight. Also, so very happy to see 8 of 12 are women 👍 Ladies learning code!

This weeks throwback Thursday is from when I did the design, testing, manufacturing and marketing in the human safety industry. The modeling bit was a one trick pony 🙂 circa 1992
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Some more work done. Far more challenging than I expected and so much more work to do. Sharing more WIPs is one of my 2019 goals. I feel like people need to see the steps and the struggle. No magic here but truckloads of trail and error. Love every minute on this iPad.
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