Prepping for the Apple Store demo later this week. Think I am going with this dog showing the initial sketch all the way to hair, eyes and highlights. I will also show how to use split screen to work off a reference photo. More accessible than cartoons for most. read more

It took just over 12 hours, but my tree frog is complete. I decided to explore the branch a bit further and incorporated some other textures and colours. I also added a bit of whimsy into the left of the picture. I really enjoyed drawing this one. Of course, I look at it and think I would do things differently if I did it again. But sometimes, you need to stop and share. read more

I’ve been asked by my local Apple Store to do a one hour drawing demo with the iPad Pro. Pretty stoked about sharing my work and techniques with others at such a great venue.

First piece on the new iPad and Pencil 2. Loving the 12.9 size. This is Copper. We had to put her down almost two years ago. She was a cute puppy. But, aren’t they all? read more