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Test drive: Volt owner in a Tesla Model S

Tesla sent out an e-mail last week about a test drive event being held in Ottawa at the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata, Ontario. I could not resist the chance to finally test drive a Model S. This quick post will not be a review and will not cover all the features of the Model S as many others online have done a much better job covering those elements. This is not intended as a point by point comparison of both vehicles but the Volt is mentioned throughout to provide some context to my comments.

Chevy Volt

We have been happy Chevy Volt owners for almost 2 years and are very familiar with what it is like owning an electric vehicle. We have a level 2 charger installed at our home and have used various private chargers in the region, when possible. Regenerative braking, cold winter driving, silent operation, low maintenance and weather impact on range are all part of owning an electric car. You would be surprised at the range hit you take in the rain. There is quite a power draw required to pump the water through the treads of the tire during every rotation. read more

Our hooded merganser ducklings emerge

Our hooded merganser ducklings emerged from their nest box today. We had a total of 19 ducklings with 3 eggs remaining. This suggests to us that there were 2 clutches of eggs. Normally these ducks only lay around 13 eggs but it is common to find 20-30 eggs in a nest box or tree cavity.

We keep an eye on the nest boxes after about 25 days into incubation. Once we see the ducklings in the box, we know they leave within 24 hours which is typically mid-morning the next day. Hooded mergansers are precocial which means the they are relatively mature from the moment of hatching. read more

Exploring some Ottawa Valley caves

Last weekend we headed west to explore The Bonnechere Caves which are located about 1 hour north west of Ottawa. They have been a popular attraction for years and we have been there a few times. The caves are the result of a series of sink holes and erosion created by the nearby Bonnechere river.

Guided Tour

The caves are not open for open admission, so you must join up with a group for a look inside. Our guide this time was Patrick and he provided a detailed and animated history of the caves. Every guide we have had have gone out of their way to bring some excitement to the tour. The tour lasts for about 40 mins and includes a number of stops where some geologic facts are shared as well as how the caves were first discovered. read more

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