Switching Tires: Michelin Anakee 3

tire wear
So, after 16,231 kms, I am switching from my Continental Trail Attack 2 tires to Michelin Anakee 3s. I ordered them from DualSportPlus who are thankfully back in business. They have some of the best pricing and service in Canada.

My quick summary of the Trail Attack 2 was that it handled well on the street for the first half of their life but quickly became unstable in the corners. This may be more to do with the tire wear. Keep in mind that my tires tend to square off more quickly than most because I commute on the slab each day. Wet weather performance was quite good with this Conti TA 2.

My bike longs to be on the gravel and the Trail Attack 2 were one of the worst I have tried. I do understand theyeven though they are intended to be a street tire. The Anakee 2 I had previously performed much better than the Trail Attack 2.

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